We Believe:

each dancer’s life is an individual production on the stage of life!  From the mundane to the extravagant, each activity experienced is a part of their life’s production.  We are hopeful that the discipline, confidence, physical challenges, and memorization skills the dancer acquires at the FDLA will ensure unique stardom in their life’s production!

… FDLA is committed to entertaining and educating the community through local schools, churches, synagogues, retirement homes and community centers by providing performances, workshops, and lecture demonstrations. Our outreach program, Together We Dance Project, and For the Love of Dance has afforded hundreds of families since 2010 with over $100,000 in partial and full tuition scholarships.  No dancer is left behind – if they want to dance, we make sure they do!

a child’s learning must include arts education.  The study of arts, particularly dance, has been proven to be instrumental in developing children who are knowledgeable, emotionally and physically healthy, motivated, self-sufficient and versatile in the workplace.  At FDLA we are dedicated to nurturing the dancer’s mind, body and soul by offering them superior dance instruction with firm and caring lessons.  We encourage all dancers to achieve their own individual goals, whether dance is a recreational activity or a future profession.

there is no greater joy than perfectly executing a lovely combination to music that inspires and moves the soul.  Our goal is to ensure that dancers of all ages have this opportunity!

dance is the greatest performing art!  FDLA strives to create meaningful performing opportunities for our dancers, including the annual Nutcracker & Hurray for the Holidays, the Spring Ballet Bouquet and Cabaret – all professional shows starring the entire Academy.